Two Souls: Into the Fire … # 220


Two Souls: Into the Fire … # 220

Warning…adult content



# 220

warning…adult content


Ghost came out of the back storage room, making sure to close the door. Taking the box to his bedroom, he added the sage brooms, demon banishing kit, candles, and holy water to it. When he came out into the living room, he saw that Steve had arranged his armory on the coffee table, in precise rows. He grinned…typical Steve move.

“Here’s my stuff,” Ghost said, setting the box down. “What’s all this?”

“What does it look like? It’s stuff we might need,” Steve said.

Ghost looked amused by some of it. “Are we gonna carry all these things out in the back yard at one time? Are we gonna build a fort and throw crap at this invisible thing?”

“Uh…sure, I guess. You got a better idea?” Steve said.

“Not really, but I’ll do my words and all, like the other time.” He went into the kitchen, to wash his face and hands. Having touched all the old dusty items back there, he felt dirty. When he came back, he handed Steve a Coke, then sat down on the couch, with his own.

He looked over what Steve had gathered up for weaponry. “Let’s see…ya got the guns, good…ya got the big knives, good…and ya got the salt, good…and you got your baseball bat, good…and ya got…pillows?…and bike helmets?” he laughed.

“Man, I haven’t seen those in forever. Grandmother made us wear them, but we always took ’em off after we got down the road.”

Steve laughed at the memory, too. “Yeah, I figure it couldn’t hurt. We need some kind of body armor. The helmets will protect our heads, and the pillows…we can tie a pillow on our fronts, just in case it throws something at us,” Steve said.

“Oh, yeah, good thinking,” Ghost said, nodding. “Why are these metal TV tray tops out here? You gonna serve supper to it before we kill it?” He started laughing.

“Shut it, Ghost…it’s for using as a shield. We can hold it in front of us…you know…a shield.”

“Oh, ok,” Ghost said, trying to stop laughing. “But, if we’re holding all this, how do we throw things?”

“I don’t know, we just play it by ear. Whatever happens, we react however we can, ok?” Steve said, getting annoyed now, at Ghost’s questions.

“Ok, well, look at my stuff, then. Is all this ok?” Ghost said. He shoved the box over so Steve could see inside. 

Steve picked up each item, giving his opinion. “Yeah, this is all good, except I’m not sure about these medicines. I mean, they sound good and all, but you figure out how we can use them.” He picked up the small, leather journal. “What’s this book?”

Ghost shrugged. “It was just in there. I guess grandmother wrote something, I don’t know what, yet. What does it say?”

Steve wiped away some of the dust, then read a page or two to himself for a minute.

“Damn, Ghost…you know what this is? It’s her spell book…it’s like recipes for doing spells. Look…there’s lists of what you need, and words to say, for all kinds of shit. Let’s see, this one is for curing stomach ache…and this one is…hah, for lovers. It’s a damn love potion.” Steve was cackling with amusement. “Oh, my God…this is crazy. I wonder if anybody ever used it? Oh, look…here’s one for getting rats out of the house.”

“Let me see that,” Ghost reached for the book. Frowning, he read a few pages. “Was she really a witch, Steve? I still don’t think so, but I don’t get these…spells. They sound weird.”

Steve shrugged. “See anything about demons or evil spirits? That’s what we need right now.” He sighed, having a feeling that Ghost was a bit upset by the spell book. “I don’t think she was a witch, Ghost, but even if she was, she only did good things for people.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Ghost agreed. “Hey, here’s something that might work. It says it’s for driving out evil from your house. It says to use sage, but there’s more, and some words to say, too.” He read out the incantation, then looked up at Steve. “Ya think it would work?”

“Hell, I’m ready to try anything, and as soon as possible. We just gotta write down each move we’ll do, and the plan, so we don’t get confused in the heat of battle.”

Ghost nodded. “Ok, so next, we plan our plan?”

“Yep, that’s the plan,” Steve said. They smiled and high-fived. “Go get some paper. We need to get this organized.”

When Ghost got back with a notepad and pen, he sat back down on the couch, with his pen poised over the page. “What’cha want me to write?”

“Well, start with all this equipment. Put it on one side of the page. Then we’ll write how we plan to use it.”

Ghost nodded, and began the list. “Ok, knives…are we gonna throw them, or cut and stab with them?” he asked.

Steve thought a moment. “Well, if the enemy is far away, we’ll throw. If he comes close, we’ll slash.”

Ghost wrote throw/slash beside the word knives. “We already know what to do with the TV trays and pillows, so…” he said, writing that down. “Ok, done. What about the rat poison?”

“Well, we could pour it, and the salt, all around the perimeter of the yard, front and back…a circle of protection, ya know.” Steve said.

“Ok, I’ll write that down,” Ghost said. “Are we doing all this at night, or day?”

Steve frowned. “I’d rather do it in daylight, but this thing seems to only come out at night to do it’s dirty work. So, I guess night, or at least almost dark,” he said.

“Are we gonna call it out, and yell at it to just come on over and get shit thrown at it?” asked Ghost. “I don’t think he’d come. So, are we just gonna wait and see if he shows up?”

Steve gave him a look. “Damn, Ghost, how should I know? I haven’t done this before, except over at Trevor’s house. This one is different.”

“I know, but…” Ghost started.

“Here, give me the paper, Ghost. If you’re not gonna write, and just ask questions, I’ll do to myself.” He yanked the notepad out of Ghost’s hands.

Ghost looked hurt. “Fine, just do it all, then,” he muttered. He leaned back on the couch, and didn’t say any more.

After a few minutes of writing, and explaining the plan, Steve noticed Ghost was quiet. He looked up at him, and saw him frowning, his eyes dark.

“What the hell’s the matter, now? You mad ’cause I took the paper?” he asked.

“Hmmph…you go on and do whatever you want. I already know what I’m doing, and I don’t need to write it down. And, I don’t need any help doing it, either,” Ghost said.

“Geeze, you’re touchy today,” Steve said. “Here, here’s your paper.” He tried to hand it to Ghost, but Ghost just slapped it away, and it fell on the floor.

Steve stared at him. “This whole thing is for both of us…to get rid of the crazy, invisible spirit you dug up.”

“Yeah, it’s all my fault, Steve…it’s all on me, ’cause I can see them and you can’t . I didn’t ask for it to push me down and make me dig. I didn’t tell it to drag that coffin up here…and, I don’t even want to deal with it again. I said before, I don’t want to. Can’t you hear me, Steve.” He took a shuddery breath, as he blinked back tears that threatened to fall.

“I’m scared of it…more than you even know,” he said. Closing his eyes, the tears fell down his cheeks.

“Aww, Ghost, I know…I hear ya,” Steve said. “But, we have to do something, or it’ll keep on terrorizing us…you understand?”

Ghost nodded, wiping his face. “I know,” he whispered.

“Come here,” Steve said. He sat down on the couch, hugging Ghost. “We’re gonna be ok. We’ll do it together. No bad guy is gonna get over on us, ok?” He tried to ease the tension.

“Yeah, but I’m so tired of it. I think it’s draining my energy, already,” Ghost said. “I can barely think straight anymore. And now, we have to stay up all night and fight a war…with crappy homemade shit…it’s too much, Steve.” He sighed, leaning his head on Steve’s shoulder.

“They want our souls, ya know. That’s what it’s about. And, they know they have all the power, just by thinking of it…and Steve, we’re just regular people. Fighting off the psychic realm is hard. They never, ever give up, ’cause they want in us…to live life again, and they’ll try anything to trick us to give up. Why can’t they leave us alone?” Ghost cried out.

Steve didn’t halfway believe any of that, but who was he to say? Ghost had the gift of vision, and had never been wrong on it before. Not knowing what to say to ease Ghost’s mind, he tried to sound convincing, though.

“Ghost, we are the good guys here. We have the goodness of the universe on our side, and good triumphs over evil, every time. When the time comes, we’ll have the strength and energy to do whatever we have to do.” He looked into Ghost’s eyes.

“Believe in us, Ghost…we’ll be ok.”

Ghost nodded, and sat up. “You’re right, I was just getting depressed about it, but yeah, I know we’ll be ok,” he said. He looked out the screen door. “It’s getting a little dark out there, already. I’m hungry, so maybe we should eat before we go out there…you know…for energy.”

“Good idea,” Steve said.

They went into the kitchen to find something to fortify themselves with.


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This is a work of “fan fiction” based on the novel, “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z. Brite. All credit for the original characters, places, and some backstory mentions, belong to Ms. Brite and her publishing affiliates. Only newly introduced characters, places, and original elements of this story are entirely from my imagination. Character descriptions are a blend of the original book descriptions and my interpretation of them.

All songs included in this work will be solely owned by the original performers/writers and will be credited. Creative liscense is taken in including them in this story.

No harm is intended toward author, musicians, or people and situations to whom there may be a resemblance.

warning      warning      warning      warning

The content herein is rated by me as being at the high end of MA (Mature Audience). It includes strong language, violence, sexual themes, including same sex pairings, religious themes, and fantasy horror.

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