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    • Thanks! I do have some glow in the dark paint, but didn’t think to use it. I should try it on another one and see how it turns out. Thanks for the suggestion! …I’ve only found three, I think, just randomly, here in town. One group here gives out hints, but since I don’t usually go driving around…well, it would be fun, though. Maybe you’ll run across one soon! 🙂

      • aww your welcome gurl and with holloween right around the corner I think more would see them…
        that would be fun to take part in that at least just once… hell 3 better than none…lol… I know they don’t do it in our town : ( and it’s not like I get out to the other towns n walk lol… but I hope one day to find one…I think it so kool of you and the idea…

      • I know what you mean. I’ve painted a lot of them, but hardly ever leave them anywhere, because I don’t go many places. haha just the grocery store, and sometimes a fast food place! … HOpe your day is going good. Feels like fall around here, but sunny and bright. xo

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