51 Weeks/51 Songs From the Past – 1st Dances


51 Weeks/51 Songs From the Past – 1st Dances 

51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 38: Pet Shop Boys – Go West


This week for the challenge, Hugh has asked if we had a song we’d consider as our ‘first dance’ song.

Thanks for the prompt, Hugh!


Well, I don’t do much dancing, except being silly in my living room, and we didn’t have a ‘first dance’ for our wedding, many years ago, but…

Here’s some memories I do have about dancing. We went to a few school dances, like the prom, or such. I’m sure we tried out the dances of the day, back in the 60s. I was never any good at dancing, being such a klutz, and tripping over my own feet, but I tried, and had a good time, anyway.

One dance that was definitely not school related was at a nightclub. This was a place called the, “Cotton Club”, and was on the outskirts of town.

We’d go with my husband’s parents on a Friday or Saturday night, to listen to the live, country bands, to dance, and to drink. I’m not sure what the legal drinking age was in TX at the time (the 60s), but probably 21. I was 19, but married. This place was a BYOB kind of place, and they would provide the set-ups. I don’t remember what we had to drink, maybe whiskey, or beer, but my in-laws provided the drinks for us.

Anyway, we were always afraid the TABC, which is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, would come and find us underage ones, and maybe we’d be in trouble. When we heard they might be in the club, my sister-in-law and I would go hide in the women’s restroom, until we thought it was safe to come out. Needless to say, we had our own little party in there, with our drinks, and whooping and hollering, and peeking out the door to see if we could come out, yet. Forty-eight years later, we still laugh about those good times.

Here’s one of the dances I tried to dance, but wasn’t very good at. Instead of the gym as shown in the video, try to imagine a huge venue, dark and smoky, loud music playing, and lots of people boot scooting and stomping their way around the dance floor, hollering ‘bullshit’, because this song is also known as the ‘bullshit’ song.  🙂


“Cotton Eye Joe”, was originally an old folk song, heard around the dates pre 1861, and the writer is unknown. There have been many cover versions of this song. This one may be a cover from the Swedish recording group, “Rednex”, which was remixed as a dance track in 1994. It can be found on their greatest hits album, “Best of the West”.



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