Choices – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Hot/Cold


… Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Hot/Cold

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 23/17


Today, Linda has asked us to consider the words hot and cold. To join in the challenge, just click the above link.


Hot and Cold are pretty much opposite of each other, wouldn’t you agree?

Some things are really hot, others are really cold.

Do we always have to choose one or the other?

What if it is neither hot or cold, and instead is just lukewarm?

That got me thinking of why it is called ‘luke’ warm. I know it means tepid, or the in between temperature, maybe room temperature, but why ‘luke’. I mean, I think of luke as a name, probably a boy’s name…Luke. What if they called it some other name, say like Tom, or Billy, or even Janie? That would sound silly, saying something is Tomwarm, Billywarm, or Janiewarm. It could have happened, though, and we’d be used to it that way, instead of lukewarm.

Moving on…

I like my coffee and my food really hot. Most times it cools off too quickly, so I have to keep warming it up in the microwave. I should say I keep ‘hotting’ it up.

When I turn on the faucet, I can never get the water to be just right. It is usually too hot or too cold, so I have to keep adjusting the temperature. I spend half of my time doing the adjusting.

One more thing…I like hot weather, and I can’t stand cold weather. Being lukewarm weather is okay, but boring. I like the change of seasons, but they run too long, and the one you like best seems to be over before you’ve enjoyed it enough. Like fall weather, it never lasts long here, as we go from scorching hot, to too cold sometimes within a few days. At least the cold part doesn’t last long here.

There you have it.

May you enjoy your weekend, be it either lukewarm, hot or cold.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

Β© 2017 BS


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    • I know! I mostly wear sweatery long sleeve tops winter and summer. Some places you go into, they keep the A/C on way too cold for me, too. I don’t like to shiver when I’m out shopping or eating. πŸ™‚

      • Agreed. When we lived in Georgia, I always carried a sweater for when it felt like walking into a freezer! Nice at first, but cold after bit.

      • Yes! I’m not the only one shivering at a restaurant, as I’ve seen other diners grab their jackets from their car, or sitting there in their coats while eating. Don’t the businesses that keep it like an ice box get it? haha, you’d think so.

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