Big Man’s Back – One Liner Wednesday


Big Man’s Back – One Liner Wednesday

One-Liner Wednesday – You say potato, I say what?


“Big Man’s Back”

That’s what I said this morning, when I opened the back door to feed the outside cats.

Big Man is what we’ve always called the beautiful Siamese with blue eyes, ever since he showed up here as a kitten. He’s been here several years, and is friendly enough we can pet him a little.

Awhile back, we noticed he was looking poorly, and then he disappeared. We figured he’d crossed the Rainbow Bridge. So, I was sad for Big Man.

When I saw him out on the porch today, looking fit as a fiddle, I thought I was seeing a ghost cat! But no, it was the real Big Man. I fed him and petted him, and when I came back in, I told the mister, “Big Man’s Back”. He had to come look, and said he figured Big Man had been gone for good.

It’s a mystery how he was gone for so long, and now is back better than ever. I’m glad! 🙂


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  1. Maybe someone else has been taking care of him. We’ve had cats over the years that belonged to one set of people but would come by here for a bite to eat and maybe to sleep inside. Cats are like that…

    • Thanks! We feed the strays that show up here, and wish we could take all of them inside, but just can’t. We have had 4 as inside cats at once, but only have one now. The ones outside seem to manage within their own cat community, though.

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