What I Do – a List


What I Do – a List  

Just so I can try to remember all the kinds of posts/challenges I do on here:

Some of these I do regularly, some off and on if I have something to post. Hope I’ve remembered them all!


  1. Fan fiction story – “Two Souls: Into the Fire”
  2. Random Posts
  3. Dear Diary
  4. Share Your World
  5. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge
  6. Weekly Weather
  7. One Word Photo Challenge
  8. 51 Weeks/51 Songs From the Past
  9. Song Lyric Sunday
  10. One Liner Wednesday
  11. dVerse Poets
  12. Flower of the Day
  13. Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge
  14. Stream of Consciousness Saturday
  15. September Challenge – Back Where I Come From
  16. Skywatch Friday (Occasionally)
  17. Daily Post (occasionally)
  18. Cee’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge (now on hiatus)
  19. Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge (now on hiatus)
  20. Manic Monday (music) ? Hope it comes back
  21. Monthly Shape Adventure
  22. Themed Tongue Twister Tuesday (monthly)
  23. Cee’s Twisted Alphabet
  24. Twittering Tales
  25. Three Line Tales
  26. Friendly Fill-Ins
  27. Recycled Book Reading Challenge (monthly)
  28. Just Jot It January

These I have done as they come current, and I may or may not do them again the next time:

  1. A to Z Blog Challenge (April)
  2. October Poetry Writing Month
  3. Crayola Color Your World Challenge (Jan. – April)


That’s all I remember at the moment. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? I’m fine with all of them, and sometimes want to do even more. I have the time, as most are only once a week or even once a month.  It’s hard to resist a new challenge when I hear of one!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS


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  1. No wonder you need a list, that sure is some writing list.
    I’m like you, see a new challenge and I can’t resist it.
    Doing two challenges a day this month sure keeps my brain working.
    Happy writing.

    • Thanks, Elsie! Since I don’t write much to provoke deep thoughts, or controversy on here, the challenges keep me busy. Like you say, it gives us something to think about, blog about, and have fun doing it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kelly! Glad you enjoy reading some of these, and seeing the photos for the challenges. It’s something to do, and I enjoy it. It does take up a lot of time, though. 🙂

    • Thanks! They are fun to do, and I keep seeing more I want to try, but as you can see, I already have the long list of them. Keeping up with those, sometimes I forget what day and what challenge I’m doing at any certain time. It’s a wonder I haven’t got some mixed up yet. 🙂

    • Thanks, Ally! I seriously doubt you are a slug! I’d say I was, because I sit here so long every day playing around with these challenges. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed reading the long list!

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