Back Where I Come From – Day 6


Back Where I Come From – Day 6


Thanks for hosting this fun challenge, Suzanne!


The question for day 6 of the challenge is:

6. Did your town have a river running through it?

My answer:

We have a little river which runs through town, and the State Park (Mackenzie).

Here’s some information about it I found on Wikipedia.


Two tributaries of the Brazos River wind through Mackenzie Park, which is collectively part of the rather extensive Lubbock Park system.[69][70] These two streams, (Yellow House Draw and Blackwater Draw), converge in the golf course, forming the head of Yellow House Canyon, which carries the waters of the North Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos River.[71]


I never knew any of this information, except for the name of Brazos.

When we were kids, we’d have picnics in the park by the river. It was, as I say, very small, so we could wade in the water, as it was only about as deep as our ankles. That was fun, and at the time I wasn’t afraid of fish. There were little fishies in that river! I sure wouldn’t do it today.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • I have a fish phobia now. My goldfish used to jump out of it’s bowl, where it would flop around, scaring me. I had to put it back in the water. It happened so many times, I had, and still have nightmares about it. So, I don’t like fish!


    • Well, there ya go. Best reason not to like those fishies! I used to get nibbled on, but I didn’t get bit. Thank goodness! Now I hear people go to some kind of spas to have fish eat off the dead skin on their feet. Oh, absolutely not!!!


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