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      • wow…
        I love this one…it looks like you could use it as a hanging plant/flower as the leaves fall down… love the colors … its just so pretty…

      • Oh they have an app on the cell phones that you can take a picture of the flower and it tells you the name of the flower/plant… a friend of mine has it on his… we have these flowers that grow every year …when they start to dry up you just pinch the seeds out of them and put them in an envelope and plant them next year but the seeds that fall they will grow the next year …they have red,white and not sure of any other color we call this flower a mystery plant loolol since we can never remember the name lol… I need to get a hold of him to get the app name…

      • I’ll bet that would be nice for a hanging basket! … That phone app sounds helpful. If you find what it is, let me know! 🙂 Maybe you can find what your mystery flowers are, too!

    • They are pretty. I think I’ve had one as a potted plant before. My luck with plants, though, they don’t last long. Like you said, probably too much trying to take care of them over does it. 🙂

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