Back Where I Come From – Day 4


Back Where I Come From – Day 4


This is day 4 of this question & answer challenge. To join in, just click the above link for details.

Thanks, Suzanne, for hosting this fun challenge. 🙂


Question # 4

4. What were your hobbies as you were growing up?


My Answer:

There were so many things I did in the way of hobbies. I’d try all kinds of arts and crafts type things. I never knew what to do with the things I finished, but I had fun making them. Some of them were:

My mosaic picture

  • Making mosaic pictures using little colored rocks. They usually came in a kit. I still have one that I made.
  • Drawing all kinds of things. I drew on any kind of paper I could find, like manilla paper, notebook paper, butcher paper, brown paper bags, and even the back of wall paper samples. I once entered a drawing contest, like you see in a magazine, where you draw the little provided picture, then send it in. They were supposed to tell you if it was any good, I guess. Well, I drew the picture of the face of Abraham Lincoln. It looked pretty good, so I sent it in. Awhile later a representative of the Art Institute School, came to our house to say how good my drawing was. However…he found out I was only like 10 or 12 years old, so I was too young to get a place in their art school. He said I should check them out when I was legal age. I still have the picture I drew, and the letter from them.  … Otherwise, I mostly drew horses and dogs.
  • Painting with watercolors. I had a big easel, and lots of paint, so I’d paint a lot of things.
  • Embroidery. I’d sew little pictures all over my dad’s handkerchiefs, and also on pillowcases. My grandma taught me how to do embroidery, and I did keep on with it for many years. I’d make dish towels with embroidered pictures on them, to give as gifts.
  • Reading all the books I could. Also, writing all kinds of things.

This list is getting too long, but I sure tried my hand at these and many more hobby-like things over the years.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • Thanks, Elsie! I do like the jig-saw puzzles, and I’m almost finished with another one. I know you like them, too. 🙂 This challenge is fun, with questions that let you look back in time. 🙂 Cheers for you, also!

  1. Your mosaic is great! I would love to be able to do that. Do you know of a website that would be a good one for teaching me how to do it? I have a table here that we got years ago when our church back in South Carolina remodeled the child enrichment center. It has seen better days and I want to do something to pretty up the top of it. I had thought about maybe the palmetto tree (for SC) along with a bluebonnet (for Texas) or something along those lines. But, I don’t have a clue how to even start.

    You have lots of great interests. I like to try different things, too. What special memories you must have of learning to do embroidery with your grandma. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along with the challenge, Barbara. Have a blessed day!

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I haven’t done a mosaic since I was a kid, but they may still have those kits where everything is included. I’ll bet the table would be so pretty done in a mosaic motif. I’d google it, to see some ideas for it. Maybe using little tiles, or even broken up pottery? I always wanted to decopage something like that, with cut out pictures, and layers of that glossy decopage glue, or whatever it is they use. … I’ve always done little projects, just for fun. … Wishing you a lovely day! 🙂

      • Thanks, Barbara. I’ll look it up and see what I can find.

        I have considered decoupaging the tabletop, too. I thought about making copies of photos of our ancestors and putting those on there. The decoupage glue I have is called ModPodge or something to that effect. It comes in all sorts of finishes, too. I think the one I’ve used is the gloss one.

        Thanks again and have a blessed day. 🙂

    • The mosaics do turn out pretty. Those I did came with everything included in the kits. No, I never followed up on going to an art school. It would have been fun, but by the time I was old enough, I was already married, and traveling wherever the Army sent us. 🙂

  2. Fab mosaic! Looks really good!
    I should really work on embroidery. I can’t do much more than a basic blanket stitch, but I SO admire embroidery!
    I’m glad you were an artistic kid and a reader, like me 🙂

    • Thanks, Joey! The mosaic kits were fun to do. Maybe they still have them. I should check, and get another one. … I haven’t done any embroidery in a long time, but I could do quite a few of the different stitches. I’d do a lot of those iron on pictures, then just follow the lines, but I also made my own little designs to sew. There’s just so many things I like to do craft-wise, but not enough time in the day! 🙂 Reading was always at the top of the list!

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