Coming of Age in Marble Land


Coming of Age in Marble Land



Twittering Tales #47 – 29 August 2017


Tell a story in 140 characters or less.

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Here’s the photo prompt for this time.

Photo by David Estebanez at

“Coming of Age in Marble Land”

“Don’t be scared, little ones,” said Mama Marble
“The skillet is very hot, but you’ll love the icy bath afterwards,
and you’ll be beautiful.”


Character count = 139


This photo of marbles, bring back the memory of the cats eye marbles I used to have. I never really played the game of marbles, but I did like to crystalize/fracture them. Here’s what we’d do. Take a handful of marbles, cook them in a very hot skillet for a little while, then dunk them into a container of ice water. The marbles will crack on the inside, leaving pretty patterns. Did anyone else ever do this? Every kid I knew back in the kid days did this.


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    • Thanks, Robin! There are some google articles and videos about making them. I would add, it might be a good idea to wear safety goggles. We never had one to explode, but just in case, you know. They turn out pretty cool. 🙂

  1. heck yea, we did that. We’d put them on a cookie sheet and into the oven for ten minutes. then Mom would drop them all at once into a huge metal tub (we used it to bathe the dogs) with ice water in it.

  2. Oh, I have never heard of that one. I enjoyed playing marbles in my childhood, we would play marbles for swaps, every one of them was precious, I was a good player and ended up with hundreds of different sizes, I liked the big ones the best.
    Thanks for the memories.

    • It’s funny how it happens, that they crack inside immediately as you put the hot marbles in the ice water. We never thought about it maybe being dangerous if they exploded. We never had one do that, though.

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