One Liner Wednesday


One Liner Wednesday

One-Liner Wednesday – It’s Surreal




This is the one liner that my cat, Cricket, says to me every single morning!

I know exactly what she is wanting. She wants to be brushed. Every morning after breakfast, and I’m done with washing dishes, Cricket will take her usual position on the back of the little couch we have. As soon as I shut off the water, and turn toward the living room, she says to me, “Meow-Meow”. It’s always just the two, fast little meows. πŸ™‚ Of course I give her a good brushing, and then we play with her special ribbon. She’s had that piece of ribbon since she was a tiny kitten. Then, after playing, I recharge her catnip toys, and she is on to her good start of the day.


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  1. Cricket is just beautiful. Love her markings. She reminds me of my first cat. (I bet I always say that. Sorry.)
    Anyway, I love how we have these rituals with our pets. I tell you, at night, when it’s time for crunchy kibble, my old boy cat calls out MAMA! lol

    • Thanks! She is a pretty kitty. She was a stray that we took in. Right now she needs to be professionally groomed, as her long hair gets so matted. I do brush her every day, but still, the matts come. …That’s funny and cool that your cat says ‘mama’! πŸ™‚

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