It’s time for another Share Your World. Cee is on vacation, though, so we have questions by Emilio! Thanks!


Have you ever been pulled over by a cop? 

Yes. I remember at least one time. I was driving over the speed limit, and got pulled over. I’d not had my driver’s license very long, and didn’t want my parents to find out about the ticket I got. I went down to the place to pay the ticket, and all was good…until, I forgot and left the receipt in my car on the front seat. My dad found it when he got in my car to do something, like put gas in it. Yes, I was caught, and had to explain it all.

What have you always wanted?  Did you get it?  

I’ve wanted a lot of things over the years. Sometimes I’d get whatever it was, sometimes not. When I was a kid, I’m sure there were toys I wanted for Christmas. Now, if I want something, I can just go get it myself. I always wanted a horse, and I never got one, but I did get to go to a riding stable on Saturday mornings, which was fun.

What is your perfect pizza?  

I like all kinds of pizza. We usually have a combination ingredient kind, with thin crust. My favorite, though, would be pepperoni, mushrooms, and extra cheese, light on the sauce. There was a pizza place in Killeen, TX that made the best, in my opinion. This was Checkers Pizza. I don’t know if they still are in business, but I think about their yummy pizza a lot, and have never found another that was as good.


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  1. I LOVED Checkers! I know exactly which one you were writing about..and no, they went out of business about five years ago. They had the BEST pizza I have ever eaten!

    • Hey, Suze! Wasn’t Checkers Pizza the absolute best!! So cool you know about it, too. Sad they went out of business, though. Once we just had to have some, and it was so foggy out I could barely see the road, but I got that pizza, and it was worth it! 🙂

  2. Your cop story reminds me of my youth, which I had forgotten. I think I was about 17 and told my parents I was going to sleep at a friend’s house on New Year’s eve. Instead of sleeping, we decided to drive up to San Francisco and back from Los Angeles. Probably a 7 to 8 hour drive in those days. I got stopped for speeding sometime after midnight in one of those one stoplight towns in the middle of nowhere. Of course my parents found out. I don’t remember how, though.

    • Ahh, the things we do when we’re young, and then try to hide it to avoid the consequences. Seems we get caught eventually. … Thanks so much for hosting the SYW questions this week! 🙂

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