We are still counting down the decades of music, one week at a time. This week the featured song title is, “In the Mood”, so we need to use that somewhere in our post.


How can you tell what you’re ‘in the mood’ for, or what your mood is? Well, one fun way, is to wear a mood ring.

The mood ring was created by Josh Reynolds, and Maris Ambats, back in 1975. The ring contains a liquid crystal, which acts as a thermometer. It changes color according to the temperature of the wearer. I’ve seen all kinds of mood ring color charts, and they are all different. I don’t know who makes up the charts, but I suppose they just write down whatever they think of at the time, and whatever ‘mood’ they are in. I don’t think there’s anything scientific about the meanings of the colors. It’s just a fun fad.

Here’s two of the mood rings I have. The first photo is their natural room temperature color. I put on the reindeer ring, and my warm hand turned it dark blue. Then I rinsed my hand in cold water, and put on the band ring, which then turned a green and red color. They are fun to wear and I think the colors are pretty…or strange…or weird in the way it works.

Did you ever wear a mood ring? 🙂



This song isn’t from the 1930s, but the band’s name suggests ‘moods’.

“Nights in White Satin”, by the Moody Blues, was released in 1967, from the album, “Days of Future Passed, on the Deram label. It was written by Justin Hayward.



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  1. Thank you! I love mood rings. They are just fun! Saw the Moody Blues in concert – impressive. A friend took me and I wasn’t sure who they were at the time… (i was 19?) But I really enjoyed myself.

    • Mood rings are fun. That’s wonderful you got to see the Moody Blues in concert! 🙂 Thanks for the challenge prompts! 🙂 I’m having fun doing them.

  2. Love the song and shall play it when I’m done. Another blogger who did this prompt showed Carol Burnett’s Chicken version of In the Mood 😀
    I had a mood ring for a while when I was a kid, it was almost always white, like moonstone. I liked it. I wonder what happened to it?

    • I did see the Carol Burnett Chicken song! That was so funny! A white moonstone like mood ring actually does sound really pretty! 🙂 I know I had another one, one of the regular looking ones from long ago, but couldn’t find it. Seems that’s always the way…can never find what I’m looking for. 🙂

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