One-Liner Wednesday – An Unexpected Twist


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“Don’t Let Him Off the Leash!”


This is my daughter’s dog, Maynard Wayne. He’s a big, friendly, and boisterous dog.

One morning my husband wanted to take him for a walk, down to the lake by our house, so we put him on the leash, and off they went out the back gate. My daughter and I watched from the back porch, as dog and man made their way toward the water.

Now, what did we say, right before they left? “Don’t let him off the leash!” That’s because he’d be off and running wild, and when he’s like that, he doesn’t want to pay attention to the rules.

Sure enough, as we watched, the first thing that happened was, he was let off the leash. We just shook our heads and watched the drama take place.

Maynard took offΒ  like a shot, jumped in the lake, and started swimming to the other side. We could hear my husband hollering, “Maynard, come back!”, and trying to run around to the other side of the lake to intercept him. This went on awhile. Finally, he caught up with the dog, and put his leash back on, and they trudged back to the house, Maynard dripping wet, with stinky lake water. We had to immediately give him a bath. He hates baths. He loves swimming in old lake water, but hates to be bathed…go figure.

This was a good time to say, “We told you not to let him off the leash!”

P.S. Maynard, his brother dog, and the family are coming to visit again, this weekend! Whee!


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  1. That made me laugh out loud. My previous Labrador was exactly like this. Could never be trusted off the leash, loved muddy,cold, stinky water, but howled like she was being murdered if we bathed her! Daft mutt!

    • It sure is. I think they love to smell awful, but why I don’t know. We’d have to catch our dogs before we could bathe them. Even the word ‘bath’ they knew, and would go hide. πŸ™‚

  2. I think they like to smell awful like nature to disguise their scent. That’s why they like to roll in smelly stuff. That doesn’t explain why our coon hound prefers to drink out of the toilet and the algae water outside instead of her water bowl in the kitchen. Dogs. Gotta love ’em anyway.

  3. Isn’t that something? I told the house sitter about 20 times that my dog needed to be on leash even to go from the house to the back yard. Flash to house sitter freaking out and chasing her through the streets!
    I’ve known a lot of dogs that couldn’t be trusted off a leash, but I didn’t have one til I moved here! Sadie always kept close to us in Georgia. She’d walk beside one of us and even when she did hop in the pond, she’d come back to us. We used to take her to the playground and she’d run around with the kids, slide and climb with them. Initially, when we moved to this house she’d just stay in our lawn, but over time, she’s become a runner-offer! Worries me awful, for all the busy streets around. :/ I think it may be the abundant wildlife here.

    • That’s scary when your dog runs off willy-nilly, especially if there’s traffic around. They just get so excited to be out there. When we had Basset Hounds, they were notorious for escaping, nose to the ground, paying no attention to anything, least of all to us hollering at them to come back, or stop, or whatever. The lure of wildlife and any forbidden nastiness is what they crave, I suppose. πŸ™‚

  4. My face hurts from laughing. I wish I could’ve seen it! Clearly Bud had him spoiled. Not all dogs are that loyal. Hope you at least made him help bathe Maynard. You know, to make that lesson stick. Bwhahahaha πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ˜‚

    • Oh, Kelly, wish you had been here to see this. Wouldn’t you know, this post is the one R actually read of anything I write,, and he never reads any of it … haha… he said now the whole world knows! Yeah, old Bud… he’d stick right by his side, never did anything bad at all. Miss him. πŸ™‚

      • Of course this would be the one read! 😜 Well you can’t help that he keeps you stocked with good topics for writing. At least in the humor genre! ❀️ Miss you both!

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