Welcome back to another Manic Monday! Today’s theme is called ‘Sentimental Journey’.

Sandi, at “Flip Flops Every Day”, is counting down the decades with this challenge. This theme is from a song featured in the 1940s, by Doris Day.

As always, there is only one rule to this challenge. That is to use the song title somewhere in our post. The rest is up to us what we want to write about. Easy!

Join in, and see other entries by clicking the link above.


Sentimental Journey brings to my mind my many scrapbooks. I have several decades of the ones I’ve made.They don’t go back to the 1940s, but I started mine in the 50s. I think my first one I made was when I was in the 4th grade. I still have it, and it is filled with all kinds of sentimental ephemera, such as notes, letters, cards, keepsakes, and whatever else I found to put in there. I also did some embellishments with drawings, stickers, and magazine cut-outs. It’s fun to look back at all this.

Since then, I’ve made many more scrapbooks along the same lines. They are mostly a big mish-mash of all kinds of things I saved. A few are just for certain places I’ve visited. I’m always saving little things to stick in a scrapbook. It’s fun to make them, and also fun to create all kinds of pages. Anything goes, in my scrapbooks, so it’s definitely a sentimental journey looking back at these.


Here’s a couple of pages from my first scrapbook, and then a couple from more recent ones.


Now, here’s a song about a scrapbook. I’d never heard it before, until I looked up the subject, so was amazed there was one. It’s a pretty sad song, though, but fits in with the sentimental journey theme, I think.


“My Scrapbook”, by Jeannie C. Riley, was written by Bill Rice, and Jerry Foster. It was released in 1969, on the album, “Yearbooks and Yesterdays”, on I believe the Charley label.



Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. The 2nd photo – Weird Witches? Sounds like a band name! And the fine print at the bottom? It loos like it reads “Fair Ass’n” – what is assin? hahahah


    • You know, I cannot remember what Weird Witches was for. It does sound like one a band would use! The fair ticket…haha short for association I think…still, looks and sounds funny. Another funny word and spelling we noticed the other day, was a book title that had the word Assassin on the cover. haha Ass ass in 🙂


    • I can’t say I’d ever heard much of Jeannie C. Riley’s songs, either, besides the Harper Valley one. I do like this scrapbook song, though, even though I’d never heard it before, and it’s sad at the end. Some of the old country music I really don’t like, as it seems they tried too hard to get a country sounding accent. 🙂


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