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    • haha yes, that’s me on the horse. It’s one they brought around the neighborhood for picture taking. I thought for sure they were giving me a horse, and was so upset when they led him away! 🙂

      • Cute! I bet you were sad!! Have seen many pictures like these but never realized all the broken hearts when they rode away. Lol Don’t know what year or why this fad stopped. My sister has one but don’t think there is one if me or my brother. 😢 Seemed to end abruptly, makes me wonder if some law/policy changed. I love them! They need to come around again!Though would need a ladder to get on! 😜

      • Yeah, a bunch of crying kids, I’ll bet! I don’t know how this got going, or even if it was just a local photographer with a horse that came around. My sister has one, too, I think. Guess I never thought of it again later on. I think I’ll look to see if there is any information on people doing this. haha I know! I’d need a ladder, too, if I was to get on a horse these days! 🙂

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