Here’s a photo of a couple of my radio scanners.

I’ve listened to these for years, hearing radio traffic from police, fire, ambulance, businesses, work crews, and lots more. You never know what you’ll hear at any given time, especially if you leave it running and scanning the channels that are programmed in. You hear the transmissions from the dispatchers and all other crews that have called in.

A few things I’ve heard are pretty intense, on scene communications, and others are just funny, at least to me. Here’s a few I’ve heard…

  • Tornado warning!  This one turned out to be funny to me. I was sitting on the couch, when I heard these dire warnings of a tornado about to hit our city. They gave co-ordinates, and the conversations between the parties involved were coming fast and furious. I jumped up to look outside, and was so confused. This was a clear, blue sky day, no clouds, rain, or storms anywhere around that morning. Still the announcements were coming, getting worse all the time. What was going on? I finally heard that this was just a practice drill they were having. I was sure we were going to get blown away on a beautiful, sunny day!
  • Fire! I was listening, when a call came in to send firetrucks to the downtown area. There was reports of heavy smoke. When they got there, they radioed back that it was a false alarm, as it was the day of the annual bar-b-que cook-off, in the blocks of downtown. Yes, there was fire and smoke, but also yummy grilled food being cooked for everyone’s eating pleasure.
  • Ambulance! This one really got me by surprise, as it is personal. It was late, around midnight, when I heard a call for an ambulance or EMT crew to come to a certain address. It was my own Dad’s address! That got me in a tizzy, of course. What was going on over there? I called the house, and a crew member answered, and told me the details, and they were taking my dad to the hospital. It turned out to be not too serious, and he was there for a little while, then came home after being seen. However, I’d woke up my husband so he could go to the hospital to check on my dad and all that was happening. He did, and all was going to be okay. Whew! That was a shocker to hear that call come over my scanner.

So, have you listened to scanner news? Do you have any crazy, or funny stories about what you’ve heard? I still listen from time to time, and especially when I hear sirens, I go turn it on to find out what’s going on.


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  1. My grandfather was the sheriff for many years, and my grandmother never gave up her scanner. It was on all day and night and I do remember some strange stuff, like a couple had gone skinny dipping and someone came along and pirated their boat! They had to swim to shore and wander around naked in the woods asking people to call the police. Reports of the naked people came in hours before the boat was reported missing. The man had tied chair cushions around his middle. I tell you, the scanner is not my thing, but there were definitely some highlights.

    • haha that is a funny story about the naked people! My mom got me started on the scanners, as she listened all the time, too. When me and the mister were just dating, I remember he’d let me out after a date, and went to his apartment. Then we heard over the scanner there was a disturbance going on…at his apartment! Seems his room mates were trashing the place or something. haha … That’s cool your grandma listened to the scanner, and also that your grandfather was a sheriff. My uncle was a sheriff in Roswell, NM for years. There’s some wild stories to be heard on scanners, for sure! 🙂

  2. I had a scanner when I was younger (My Dad and Grandpa had been into it), and would amuse myself for hours by logging all the events that would happen in a particular night. I also found the band where most cordless phones of the 90’s had their frequencies and learned more about the neighbors than I sometimes cared to….

    • Interesting you kept track of what you heard. Wish I’d written some down, so I could remember them. I have heard about some frequencies that pick up phone conversations. I never heard any, though. I like to listen to shortwave radio, too. A lot of it is in different languages I can’t understand, but sometimes I get something good. 🙂

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