We’ve worked a few more jigsaw puzzles since I last wrote about them. Last time we were just starting the Springbok puzzle that had old gas station items. We finished it pretty fast. Then, we did another one that had what looked like an old general store, for fishing supplies. That was fun.


We also worked a couple of “White Mountain” brand puzzles, of 1,000 pieces each. One was called, “Old Candy Store”, and the other was, “Antique Toys”. They were both fun to do. It seems to take us a week or less to work them, from start to finish.


Next, we worked one that was 750 pieces. It was from, “Master Pieces”, “Once Upon a Shelf”, and called, “Treasured History”.

Here’s the photo of the finished puzzle, which we completed just today. There was one piece missing! I don’t know if we just accidentally lost it, or it wasn’t in the box, even though it was a brand new puzzle.

To me, this one was harder to work than the 1,000 piece puzzles. It could have been because the picture was so full of things that they just seemed a big jumble of colored puzzle pieces. I could pick out some of the detailed parts, but the background was so crazy looking. My husband is very good at finding patterns, and details, though, so between us we got it done. The box for this one was smaller, so the picture was smaller, and for me, was hard to see the things on there. I had to take lots of breaks, because of eye strain!

It was an interesting one, though, with all kinds of museum artifacts to find, sort of like a hidden object game. We finished it in 6 days.

Here’s a big jumble of puzzle pieces. At first it’s a mess, so I have to turn every piece over to the printed picture, then find the outside pieces. This takes awhile. Finally we’re ready to fit the pieces together. 🙂

We are without one to work on this evening! No! I know tomorrow we will go find another one to buy, and get started on.

Until next time…happy puzzling! 🙂


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    • They are fun and gives us something to do around here. Maybe sometime you could try another, even though they take up a bit of space. We have a big poster board we use up on the kitchen table. 🙂

  1. Nice! I like those White Mountain ones.
    Sassy and I did a Ravensburger Pixar puzzle a few weeks ago, 1000 pieces called, The Artist’s Desk. It was literally the most difficult jigsaw puzzle I’d ever done. We also discovered that our dining room table has the worst lighting for differentiating shades of grays, the glare was somethin fierce!
    I gave it to my MIL to work now and I can’t wait to hear how she gets on with it 🙂
    I plan to get us another to work over Thanksgiving weekend. Seems Sassy really likes puzzles as much as I do!

    • I’ll bet that one y’all worked looked interesting! I haven’t seen one of those brands before. We may have to start ordering off the puzzle web sites, … We work at our kitchen table too, on a big, thick poster board. Our light fixture above the table isn’t good either, and we get glare from the windows, too. Hope your MIL enjoys the one you gave her. We went this morning and got another 750 one, and so far it is easier to see than the last one! 🙂

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