One-Liner Wednesday – Almost back to normal


“Mayonnaise shrinks it.”


Have you ever had a phrase or word that is stuck in your head, that you have to say to yourself, or even out loud, on specific occasions?

This one-liner I have had to repeat to myself for probably the last 45 years or so. My cousin and I were making tuna fish sandwiches one day, and when she added the mayonnaise to the other ingredients in the bowl, she said, “Mayonnaise shrinks it.”

I’d never heard this before, but it’s true. When you add mayo to something, then mush it up, the food seems to get smaller as it is incorporated into it.

Anyway, now I have to repeat this every single time I use mayonnaise.

By the way, how do you say mayonnaise? Do you just shorten it (haha or shrink it) to the word ‘mayo’? Do you say the whole word every time? How do you pronounce it? This is how I grew up hearing it said… Man-aze. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • Sure tastes good, shrunken or not! … It would be fun if we all could put a sound on some of our comments, so we’d know how each other sounded. Y’all would be cringing at how I sound! 🙂

      • I hear your voice in my head. That’s part of why I enjoy reading you, you have a clear voice. I wonder how different my imagination is from reality?

      • Thanks, Joey. I don’t know if I could actually write how I actually sound. I’m pretty sure I sound like a hillbilly, and with all the slang, and drawling, and droppin’ the ‘ings’ and ‘t’s …it would take all day to get through it! And, it’s funny how different areas of TX sound different, too. I love hearing accents from all over. The variety is amazing! You sound southern in your writing, and I would recognize it was you anywhere. 🙂 Love it!

  1. Haha Love the “Pass the mustard”! That’s me. Although now that you Bring it up. Man-aze DOES shrink everything you put it in. Never thought of it like that but will from now on! Thanks for the new one liner. 😘 Now if worked on tummies and thighs…I’d get to smearing! 😂

  2. Your one-liner makes me giggle in my head. When my son was about three and Sesame Street was over, he got upset when I said it was over, like it would never be back. I explained that it was over for TODAY, for NOW, but it would be back. His three year old version was to say it’s “over day now.” That became a thing whenever a show was over, and I still find myself saying it almost 30 years later. I also say man-az, but I draw out the n, like ma-n-aze.

    • Aww that is so cute, ‘over day now’. 🙂 Little kids can sure come up with some good sayings. My grand-daughter is 3 right now, and we get to hear all kinds of things she has an opinion about! Fun, and thanks for sounding out how you say mayonnaise! I had to look up how to actually spell it, and it has 2 ‘n’s, so yay for drawing out the n!

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