One-Liner Wednesday – Priorities


“On what planet in the Universe does that make any sense?”

This is what my husband said to the person on the phone. He was talking to the cable company. They’d told him it would cost us even more money, if we cut down the number of channel packages we had.


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  1. The cable companies want us to “bundle” now, except that they are driving people to unbundle and unsubscribe. They are so focused on the almighty dollar that they don’t understand: Give us what we want at a reasonable price, without special package prices and bundling, and we’ll be your consumer forever.

    • It would make much more sense to let people pick the ones they want. Now, there might be one thing in a package we want, and the rest we never even look at, but still we have to pay for the whole thing. Then they have the introductory prices, which sound good, but then they raise the prices on you again! Not good, cable people, not good.

    • haha, I thought so. I know the call center people are just doing their job, as it is the big company that makes their rules, but still! I’d like to pick only the ones we would actually watch!

  2. Ah, yeah. When I did the thing, I called to cancel. Like, I chose, “disconnect” or whatever, and this led to a person who would pretty much sell me anything to keep me. I get what I want for $21 and the rest, I stream. They make NO sense. Eventually, I think streaming will improve and I won’t even want/need them anymore.

  3. I’ll have to remember that line…

    We cut the cord a few years ago and I have no intention of bringing cable TV back into the house. The only thing we have now is Internet service, which they always tell me I can save money on if I take cable TV and phone service as well, but, as your husband says, “On what planet in the Universe does that make any sense?”

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