This time, for Manic Monday, we got to listen and watch the video by Paul Revere and the Raiders, song, “Kicks”. One of my favorites!

So, the prompt word is ‘Kicks’.

To join in the challenge, just click the above link. There are no real rules, except to use the prompt word in your post. 🙂


Do you remember the movie, “Cast Away”, starring Tom Hanks? It was where he was stranded on an island, and he found a Wilson volley ball. He pretended it was a friend, and talked to it. It was a good movie. Anyway…what has this got to do with the prompt word ‘kicks’?

Nothing much. I don’t think his character kicked the volley ball friend.

But, it did bring to mind a funny story I have.

My daughter and I used to go walking around a little park track a lot, and one day we happened to find an old, scraggly, tennis ball. It was a Wilson brand. We thought it would be fun to kick the tennis ball in front of us, all the way around the park. We were actually on the street while we walked. So, that’s what we did. We called it Wilson, like in the movie, and we kicked that ball the whole way. We got so tickled, as we’d holler, “Wilson!”, every time we kicked it a little off course. I’m sure people passing by gave us a strange look, but we didn’t care. We were having fun! 🙂

We kept that Wilson tennis ball for a long time.

photo found on Pixabay


Here’s a song from 1970. The group is called, Alive and Kickin’. 🙂


“Tighter, Tighter”, by Alive N Kickin’, was released in 1970, from the album, “Tighter, Tighter”. It was written by Bob King, and Tommy James, and is on the Roulette label.



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  1. I swear to God that as soon as I clicked Like on this post, the Music Choice Oldies channel I’m listening to started playing The Raiders’ “Kicks!” It is freaky how often a song that’s on my mind for whatever reason gets played very soon afterwards!

    • That is so cool, when things like that happen! …ooo how does it know??…haha. It happens when I’m reading a word, and there’s someone on the TV that immediately says that word. It gets your attention, for sure

  2. I might be the only person on planet Earth that has never seen “Cast Away,’ but I’ve heard enough about Wilson to follow where you were going with this.

    “Tighter, Tighter” was a great song the sumer before I started high school.

    • Interesting that you haven’t see that movie. But then again, there’s lots of them I haven’t seen, that people rave about. … I’m a few years ahead of you, John. I graduated high school in 1969! 🙂

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