Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 23, 2017


It’s time for another round of find the odd-ball photos, hosted by Cee! It’s fun…and it can be anything you consider to be odd. Join in, and see other entries, by clicking the above link. 🙂

Here’s mine for this week!


  • restaurant sign over the condiment table
  • potatoes growing weird shapes
  • messed up photo (seems the word ‘wishes’ is backwards!)
  • my painted rock I left for someone to find




Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS

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    • I was balancing the little wish jar on a curly pencil, holding it in front of the computer screen shot of that tree hideout photo, sort of like making a hideout of a fairy house wish place. I don’t know…just a silly idea I had, and it didn’t work. The jar fell off, and when I went to edit the photo it turned the thing around backwards! So silly! 🙂

      • I have found myself doing some things that I later laugh at in the name of trying to get a good picture. Sometimes those things work and sometimes they don’t. 🙂 But it’s fun trying and that feeling that if it works- boy, will it be cool! 🙂

  1. Hi, Kat! I think I got these comments all out of order, which is par for the course around here. 🙂 Yes, I’m sure those of us bloggers who take on the photo challenges are always looking for another photo opportunity. I know people wonder why I take so many random photos of things, everywhere I go. Well, it’s fun! 😉

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