51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 29: Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok


This week for the challenge, we were asked which song we like that has a dramatic intro.

Thanks, Hugh, for another interesting prompt for the challenge.


This song, to me, has a pretty dramatic intro. The music is deep with bass, my favorite instrument (last week’s prompt!). I’ve been a fan of this musician for a really long time. His music and lyrics are thought provoking, to say the least. You may have never heard of Tim Skold, or his former band, Shotgun Messiah, and this type of music is probably not the kind of music most people listen to, but it’s one of my favorite genres.


“Hail Mary”, by Tim Skold, was released from the album, “Skold”, in 1996. It was written by Tim Skold, and is on the RCA label.



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  1. I have not heard of him and I do agree it’s a very dramatic beginning. I really enjoyed it! What genre of music does this fall in – something like Marilyn Manson?

    • Hey, Sandi! Glad you liked listening to this one. Funny you mention Marilyn Manson, as he did play with that band for awhile. I’ve listened to his music since the beginning, in the early 90s, and it has evolved through lots of genres…rock, glam rock, pop rock, heavy metal, industrial rock, techno, and Gothic rock. Hard to classify such a talented musician to just one kind. πŸ™‚

  2. Quite a heavy sounding sort of song, but it’s certainly got ‘dramatic’ in it, Barbara. It reminded me of some of the song entries from The Eurovision Song Contest. There’s usually a few heavy rock entries in the contest every year. This one won the contest back in 2006.

    • Thanks, Hugh! I listened to the video you showed me, and I do like it. I like this type of music, but those costumes are a bit too much! πŸ™‚ I’m glad they won the contest that year. We don’t get this music challenge in the US.

      • I think the costumes helped them on their way to winning the contest, Barbara. Nobody had ever done anything like that before. They became quite successful after winning, but I’ve not heard anything by them for a while now.

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