This Week’s Challenges: July 16 – 22 (OWPC & WW)


This week’s weather is brought to you by a dust storm! We have them all the time here, and I always try to take a photo of the dirt blowing around. The photos are okay, but for actually seeing them and being in them, they are much worse. If you’re outside, the little sand particles sting when they hit you, your eyes are gritty and red, and it even gets in your mouth. Not to mention the strong wind almost blowing you down. In the house, you can smell the dirt in the air, and it sifts in through every little crack around the windows and doors. These photos were just a week or so ago, then we had a haboob roll in, which caused them to cancel the fireworks display for the 4th of July. Then it came a downpour of rain. Yes, we get mud balls! Fun – fun! šŸ™‚


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  1. I certainly do not miss the sand storms. They are even more crazy after being away. Your description brought back a lifetime of memories. Like waking up and smelling the dust before looking outside. Just want to cover my head and stay inside all day. Speaking of “inside” isn’t it crazy how that stuff could get inside no matter how well built or sealed a building was? Unbelievable! And I remember having to run track in it when I went to Hutchison Jr High. What in the world were the coaches thinking??? They could have had us train inside…šŸ˜œ. Like I said, you stirred up a lifetime of memories. šŸ˜

    • Oh, yeah…You know how bad it can get around here. That’s crazy to make kids run around outside in that nastiness! For some reason I do like to hear the wind howling through the little cracks around the windows (not the sand getting in) We had one window here (before we got new ones) that every time the wind blew, it sounded like a goose honking..haha! Glad you don’t get to experience them nearly as much now, where you are. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that makes the silver flake showers from the local steel plant look quite attractive in comparison! Plus, I’d guess a sandstorm doesn’t make everything outside turn all glittery when it’s over….

    • Y’all have glittery steel flakes swirling around? Sounds pretty, but wouldn’t want to breathe it in. Of course breathing in sand particles isn’t any better. šŸ™‚

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