The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 15/17


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Today’s SOCS asks us to take a different look at the book we are currently reading, or one that is nearby where we are typing this. It is not to be a book review, as such, but to take the title, and in stream of consciousness style, write what comes to mind.

I could just name some book I have or have not yet read, and use that title, because who would even know if I was really reading it or not. That’s not what I want to do, as I’m pretty honest about things, so I’d feel like I was cheating. So, here’s the one I’m actually reading. I’m only a little over half way through it, and it is very interesting.

The title is, “Coming of Age in Mississippi”, by Anne Moody. It’s an autobiography of growing up in the southern states, in the 40s and 50s, and dealing with her experiences of racism, bigotry, and abuse, and how she overcame it all with her courage to stand up to the social norms of the day. This was a book I got from the used books, and has been on my to be read pile for awhile.

What to say about this title? I’ve never been to Mississippi. I did fly over the Mississippi river, though. We landed in Memphis TN, so that was interesting to see the big river from above. We’ve been to lots of places around the world, but some of the states I’d like to visit, I haven’t gotten to. I guess you could say my coming of age years, were in the 60s, as I was a teen during that turbulent decade. There were good times, and bad times around the world, but it will never be forgotten by those who lived through them.

That’s all I can think of about this book title, besides the actual story I’m reading.


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  1. Interestingly, I’ve got this book in my house but haven’t read it yet because the prints are small and look tedious. I bet it’s an interesting read – my husband bought the book for me. Maybe one day, I’ll get to read it.

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