Today is the first day of a new challenge, from Sandi. Her blog, “Flip Flops Every Day” can be found at the above link. It sounds like fun, so here’s my try at it. If you’d like to join in, just click the above link to find out details. (hint…hint…there are no rules besides using the chosen title of the weekly song in your post. 🙂

Thanks for the fun challenge, Sandi!


Monday is for


Neat and

Interesting blog


Manic Monday’s


Needs crazy





“What a Feeling”, by Irene Cara, was released in 1983. It is played on the movie, “Flashdance” soundtrack. The album, “What a Feeling”, is on the Network/Polygram/Casablanca label, and was written by Keith Forsey and Irene Cara. Music is by George Moroder.



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  1. Oh, YEA! (claps hands, claps hand) I love Flash Dance – we were JUST talking about Irene Cara and this song I think two days ago. I mentioned to my husband, that I think our daughter would like that movie now – I remember seeing it when I was about 12? And she’s 11 1/2 now. And loves music and dancing! I don’t know if I own this movie! I have all 80’s movies! I can’t imagine I wouldn’t have this!

    • Yay! Glad you liked my first post for your challenge. It was fun! I hope I pinged back to the right page…at the end it said comments closed. 🙂 Can’t wait until the next one. Flashdance is such a good movie. Well, all the 80s movies were awesome!

      • Ping Backs are accepted! Were you able to see the other ping backs? I had to remove the option for comments, because it was getting to hard to read the pings and links! Let me know if you can’t see it. I might have to re-enable comments if you can’t see. But I think you can.

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