One-Liner Wednesday – Nature’s Fireworks


I’ve been reading entries for the One-Liner Wednesday challenge for quite awhile, and they are always fun to read. This is my first one to take part in. If you’d like to join in, also, find the details at the above link.


So, I texted my daughters a happy 4th of July yesterday, and added a flag emoji. Well, you know on the phone how small those things are, and it’s hard for me to see them, plus my fingers most times hit the wrong one. Anyway, here’s what my daughter texted me back…

“That’s the Liberian flag.”

Yep, I put the wrong flag on there. Oops! 🙂


U S Flag Emoji

Liberian Flag Emoji


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • Thank you! I do like reading what others submit, and have wanted to, also. I just need to keep listening to see if I can hear some more for future Wednesdays. 🙂

  1. I UNDERSTAND! I looked forever for the American flag emoji yesterday, too! I finally got it, but it’s WAY at the end, and I swear I almost clicked that one and another before I got there! lol

    • Those tiny little emojis are hard to see, so it’s easy to pick the wrong one. This time I got caught! haha! Glad to join in the fun of the challenge. 🙂

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