This Week’s Challenges: June 25 – July 1 (OWPC & WW)


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This week we have rainbows! Rainbows are so pretty, and I try to take a photo of them whenever I see one. 🙂



“The Rainbow Connection”, by Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson), was released in 1979. It is from the album, “The Muppet Movie: Original Soundtrack Recording, and on the Atlantic label. It was written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher.



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  1. Wonderful, Barbara. I used to see rainbows every now and then when I lived in NM. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one here, and only a couple of times when I lived in TN or GA. Have a great July Fourth weekend. Hugs.

    • It is fairly rare we see one here, because there’s not much moisture in the air, so when they do we all run out and look! I’d think y’all would have them more often where you are. … Enjoy your 4th of July, also, Teagan! (((hugs)))

    • You’re lucky to see rainbows a lot where you are. We see one occasionally around here, and love to look at them. We get all excited! …Muppets are so cool 🙂

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