The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 1/17


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Today for SOCS the prompt is to use the words ‘oooh-aaah’ in some way. First of all I think of the July 4th holiday coming up. There are always fireworks to see, and we always say ‘oooh-aaah’ when we watch all the pretty displays. Here’s a couple of my attempts to photograph some fireworks we saw last year.

Our city doesn’t allow fireworks in the city limits, but that really doesn’t stop anyone. Fireworks are exploding all over the place, so we get a good show, just by standing out in the front or back yard. It is so loud! …They are so pretty, but it scares the cats. I’m sure they’ll be in their hiding places on this night.

Wishing those who celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day a fun and safe holiday. 🙂

The next thing I thought of is the song, “Witch Doctor”. That’s because the lyrics repeat over and over, ‘oooh-aaah’, along with some more words, and music, that makes a fun song. 🙂




“Witch Doctor”, by David Seville, was released from the album, “The Alvin Show”, in 1958. It was written by Ross Bagdassarian, Sr., and is on the Liberty label.




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  1. Ross Bagdasarian was David Seville, by the way.

    Funny you should use this song. I was watching an old episode of “The A-Team” last night, and Murdock, who’s nuts anyway, was singing this.

  2. Is it very dry there? I seem to recall you writin about how dry it is… Could be more dangerous. We’re limited in terms of what’s legal and what’s not here, city or not. I’ve never understood why people want to do their own fireworks in the city. Fourth of July is my fave, but I’d rather watch the pros.

    • It is very dry here, but we did get a good rain overnight, and maybe more tonight, so hope that cuts down on any fires. One year we hosed down the yard and house sides and roof just in case. All the neighbors shoot off the fireworks and half of them land in our yard! It sounds like a war around here then, and the smell of gunpowder is everywhere! We can actually see a little of the pro fireworks that they put on in the big park, if we stand on the fence, or go across to the lake by the house. 🙂

      • I’d forgotten about hosing things down.
        It’s been 4th of July here since like, Memorial Day. I hope they blast em all, my dog and my husband are NOT fans of sudden random booms.

      • This is the truth…so frightening for the animals, who don’t understand what’s going on. I can imagine the mister and lots of others not liking the sounds, either. I know we’re in for a lot of it around here. My husband said he saw the neighbors bringing in big load of fireworks yesterday.

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