Prairie Dog Corner Sign


A Prairie Dog (not the one in the story)

Have I told y’all about Prairie Dog Corner?

Here’s what happened.

One afternoon I was dog-sitting my daughter’s dog while she and her husband went out for awhile. That’s the dog in the photo. His name is Maynard. He’s a big, friendly, part Husky, part Labrador. He was out in the back yard. It’s a pretty big yard, fenced in.

I was in the house, when I heard some kind of noise out there, so I went to look. I see Maynard running around and around the yard, really fast. He was carrying something in his mouth, and it was squeaking. Okay, I figured it was his squeaky dog toy, which was brown and furry. But, as I looked closer, as he came running by, I saw it wasn’t a toy. It was a prairie dog, and it was doing the squeaking, for real!

What to do…what to do? I knew I couldn’t catch Maynard, he’s so fast, and also big enough to knock me down. So, I kept hollering at him to drop it…drop it!

After a few more laps around the yard, he did drop the prairie dog. The little critter wasn’t hurt at all, but was probably wondering how he got into such a predicament in the first place. We do have prairie dogs living close by the house, in the empty fields, so I suppose he somehow was taking a little tour of our yard, when to his surprise, he met up with Maynard.

Anyway, after being released from Maynard’s mouth, the prairie dog ran off, scampering under the fence, most likely to tell his friends of his escapades.

Now, you’d think this is the end of the story. It isn’t.

I refused to let Maynard back in the house, for the time being. I didn’t want to take any chances that the prairie dog might have been carrying rabies. You never know. So, I made the dog stay out. Meanwhile, I made a sign to hang on our door. It was to my daughter, who was expecting at the time, and SIL, saying ‘don’t come in until I tell you what’s happened’. I just wanted them to know, just to be on the safe side, so they wouldn’t get Maynard slobber on them.

They came home, read the note, and weren’t concerned about it at all! So we let Maynard back in, and all was good. No problems ever appeared since his encounter with the prairie dog. Thank goodness.

Later on, I painted the sign you see in the photo. I put it in the corner where Maynard had caught the little varmint. It’s forever known as Prairie Dog Corner, at our house. We laugh about it all, now. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS

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  1. Cute story! Yesss, I worry like you. The vet put my mind at ease, but that first time Sadie took a squirrel…. Some dogs, usually the ones bred for hunting, have what they call soft mouths, meaning they carry without damage. Sadie has a soft mouth, but she’s a shaker. :/ I can’t really fault her, but it does tend to sadden me when she gets a squirrel.
    I didn’t realize y’all have prairie dogs so far south!

    • Yep, better safe than sorry, even if I do get called a worry-wart! haha … That’s interesting about the dogs having a ‘soft mouth’. Guess that’s why Maynard didn’t hurt the prairie dog, since he is part retriever. …We’ve always had lots of prairie dogs here, pretty much any empty lot, and of course the fields around here. We even have a special tourist attraction called ‘Prairie Dog Town’ where you can go see them up close, and there’s signs and all telling about them. 🙂

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