So, a couple of days ago we went out to lunch with my daughter and grand-daughter. It was at a hamburger place called, “Buns Over Texas”, where you order your burger, then choose your own fixin’s to put on it at the little salad bar. When your burger is cooked, they holler out, for instance, “Barbara, your buns are up!” haha … Anyway, before we went inside to order, we were standing around outside by some trees and such.

We happened to notice a rock, placed upon a tree stump. It was painted! I squealed, of course, because I love all kinds of rocks, and especially painted rocks. You’ve probably seen some of mine on other posts here.

Here’s some photos I took of the rock that looks like Spiderman!



I turned the rock over and there was a little sticker on it. It seems it was a rock, placed there by a member of a Facebook Group, called, “Tex New Mex Rocks”. The sticker asks that we take a photo, then post it to the group FB page, and then re-hide the rock, for someone else to find. What a great idea! Pass on the fun for others.

So, that’s what I did. I joined the group page, and posted my photos. Now I just need to find a good place to hide the rock. They say it should be pretty much in plain sight, for finding. Also, we are encouraged to paint our own rocks, stick their label on the back, and continue the fun all around. I plan on doing this, as I’ve painted rocks for years. I just never thought of hiding them around places. Now, I did do this with handmade bookmarks, with art I drew on them, asking for them to be passed along. It is lots of fun to spread some happiness and fun along to those who find them.

Anyway, that’s my story of finding Spiderman! It sure made my day brighter. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS


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  1. Fun!! Would love to do this in my travels. I could’ve dropped it off in Colorado last week 💕. Have fun, I will be on the lookout. Love me some painted rocks too!

    • Hey, Kelly! I know we all love our rocks! I need to get busy and paint some more to leave around. This is the first time I’ve ever found anything like this. 🙂

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