51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 24: Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy


Thanks, Hugh, for hosting this wonderful challenge! 🙂


So far in this challenge I’ve been posting songs I like to hear, and most bring back some memory of when I was listening to it.

It seems I may have just caught on to the fact that this challenge has a loose type theme to follow. I’m not really sure about that. This time it seems to be to post a song that makes you sad, or that you listened to at a sad time in your life.

Anyway, this song I’m featuring today has a very catchy tune, and I like it, but it give me chills, and tears. The thing is, it is actually based upon a very sad, and tragic true story. I’d heard of this story, before, but not in much detail, until I was researching the back story of the song. We even lived close by the town where this story began, and have visited there. It is a quiet, quaint little town, and it’s hard to believe how the story unfolds from there.

Give it a listen, and please listen to the reading of the circumstances of this tragedy in the short video after the song. I found this reading on the “Creepypasta” site. It’s called, “The Disappearance of Lela and Raymond Howard”. (the home page of the Creepypasta site can be found here  http://www.creepypasta.org/  )


“The Way”, by Fastball, was released in 1998, from the album, “All the Pain Money Can Buy”. It is on the Hollywood label, and was written by Tony Scalzo.




Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. Holy cow. This completely changes the song, of course, one that I have always liked. It makes you wonder how many songs out there were written about one thing but perceived as another thing by the listeners…

    • Oh, I would think a lot of songs, poems, and fiction stories, all have a bit of truth in the writer’s experience. Each listener/reader brings their own thoughts and feelings into them, which enhances their understanding of each, which would be completely different from anyone else. It is so interesting to think about this.

  2. What a sad story, yet the thoughts they had that they were young again and off on an adventure is almost a sign that their time is coming up. I wonder if all humans go down this route and come to a point of knowing?
    Thanks for sharing this, Barbara. It was chilling to listen to, but I’m so glad you shared their story.

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