Scene: Busy Classroom

Characters: Tommy, the student, and a solar powered flower


The teacher gave the students an assignment. They are quietly working at their desks. Tommy is looking around the room, thinking of something to write his essay about, and tapping his pencil on the desk.

Tap – Tap – Tap

FLOWER: Pssst, Tommy!

TOMMY: (looking toward the window sill) …Huh?

FLOWER: Don’t look so startled. It’s just me, the Flower. (nodding his flowery head) Yeah, I can talk.

TOMMY: (looks around the room to see if anyone is watching him) …But…how can you talk? You’re just a toy flower.

FLOWER: I’m a magic flower. Don’t worry about it.

TOMMY: What do you want?

FLOWER: I want you to write about me. You can make up some stuff, but make sure you mention I can only talk to you.

TOMMY: (smiling) Okay, but they won’t believe me. (starts writing on his paper)

FLOWER: (humming a little tune…waiting)

TOMMY: I’m finished writing. Can you read, too?

FLOWER: Nope, you will have to read it to me.

TOMMY: (reading) … Once upon a time there was a fake flower that could talk.

FLOWER: Fake? Fake? I’m as real as you are. Scratch that out.

TOMMY: Fine…(scratches through the word fake, then writes more words)

FLOWER: Well…are you done with my story?

TOMMY:  (writes ‘the end’ on his paper) …Okay, listen to this, Mr. Flower. “Once upon a time there was a toy flower that could talk to me, but only in this classroom. He was a pretty flower, but sorta weird. I think we’ll be friends forever.”

FLOWER: (smiling) I like it, Tommy! I think we’ll be friends forever, too.

TEACHER: (Looking over at Tommy) … “Tommy, stop your daydreaming, and get busy writing your paper. It has to be finished by the time the bell rings.”

TOMMY: (sighing) … “Yes ma’am.” (starts writing about a talking flower)



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© 2017 BS

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    • Thanks, Suzanne! It was fun to write, and I need to practice some fiction writing. I found that little flip book at a yard sale. It says grades 1-3…just about my speed! haha … Glad you enjoyed the story. Enjoy a blessed weekend, too! 🙂

      • haha I think that would be just about my speed, too. 🙂 Are you going to develop this story further? I think it could be a great series of stories, the little toy flower and boy having adventures/daydreams while the boy is in school. That could be a lot of fun to write and illustrate.

        Thank you. Even though it is going to be hot there, I hope it is a beautiful weekend. 🙂

      • I hadn’t thought of doing any more about this story, but it would be a fun idea. I’ll think about it. …It’s 99 degrees here right now! We are inside with the A/C going. 🙂

  1. I really liked this, Barbara! I’m looking forward to more pieces like this. (Not that your other pieces are bad, just sayin.) Creativity is a wonderful thing to admire…

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