I named him Stormy, King of the World

My best friend, when I was a girl

I cried and cried when Stormy died

No longer was he by my side

Now, nothing could ever be the same

Never more to call his name



for dVerse Poets – use the word storm or any variation in your poem

Thanks for the prompt De (Whimsygizmo)


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

ยฉ 2017 BS

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    • Thank you, Frank. I like names, so I tend to name every pet with long ones. This wasn’t all of his name! Even with all the names, we still call them even more nick-names! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Marina! When I saw the prompt ‘storm’ I immediately thought of Stormy. He was a great dog, and there have been many more after him, may they all RIP.

  1. Stormy sounds like a great friend and companion. I’ve got one named Awesome, (a 17 year old cat), and I think she’ll pass soon. They are all such great friends it’s hard to see them go. You captured our hearts with Stormy

    • Stormy was a great dog and friend. ..I do like your cat’s name! To have a pet so many years, they are just like losing a family member when they pass on. I do believe we’ll see them again, so I never say good-bye, just see you later. Thank you so much, Walter.

  2. Nothing quite like dog love. My idea of heaven is to have all the dogs I’ve ever loved there waiting for me. We will go romping through the woods and sleep in a log cabin at night, except for when we’re out howling at the moon.

    • Thanks, Lillian. Yes, they are my saddle shoes. I wore those, which I liked, and also lace-up brown oxfords, which I didn’t like, for years! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad I had this photo to remember those days.

      • You’re welcome, Barbara. It would be nice if all the animals could live forever and the earth would grow to fit every being on it.

        We still “have the sads”, too, as the kids say. We lost Callie and Little Bit right at a month apart and have no more kitties now. We have the grand-puppy Petra and my frog, but that is it.
        You’re welcome for the hugs and prayers.

      • ‘The sads’, definitely. We only have one cat, Cricket, in the house. Those outside are still going strong, though. Your grand-puppy probably keeps you on your toes around there, too. (((hugs))) for you, too.

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