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Weathered wood.

I like the look of weathered wood. This is wood that has been out in the weather for a long time. It’s been through scorching heat waves, torrential rains, hail storms, and whatever else the weather throws at it. The wood can be old fence posts or slats, or barn siding, building pallets, or driftwood. It’s all weathered the weather.

There’s a certain look to weathered wood. It has turned a silvery gray, for the most part. It has aged, and aged well.

Lots of wooden projects can be done with this wood. People make all sorts of things, from whimsical photo frames, to beautiful furniture. I have a few pieces, myself. Our neighbor did a lot of wood projects. We have a couple of outdoor benches, and a nightstand table. I really like the nightstand table. It has a shelf underneath, and a table top. There is also a wood framed mirror that tilts. Thank you DB! 🙂


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