Me & my thinking cap?


You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘put on my thinking cap’. What does that mean?

I saw a couple of definitions when I looked it up. Basically, it’s taking time to carefully think through a problem, and a state or mood in which one thinks. The phrase was known as early as the 17th century, only they called it a ‘considering cap’. That sounds better. You’re sitting there considering things.

I consider a lot of things. Mostly, I sit here at the computer, and just stare off into space, trying to think. Thinking about thinking is weird, too. You look like you are doing nothing, but your brain is being all busy with that ‘thinking’ stuff. It sure gets a work-out (unlike me, haha).

I try to think of something to write about. I have lots of ideas, but then I re-consider them. They sound uninteresting on second thought. So, I keep on staring, and waiting for the muse to come back from vacation. It must be an extended vacation…tapping fingers, jiggling foot, looking out the window, come on…

I think of what I could/should be doing instead of ‘considering’ things. I could clean something…no, I could work on jigsaw puzzle…maybe, read…I do this all day (blog posts), and my book later on, do the laundry…already done, dust furniture…already done, plant some seeds to get growing…yeah! But, it’s supposed to rain and will wash them out, better wait.

It goes on and on, and so I end up with this post about nothing much, except thinking.

Here’s something I was thinking about.

Does everyone’s families have funny words they use between each other. They might be nonsense words, made up words, silly reminder words, or anything. I’ve written down a lot of ours, and it looks funny when you write them down. When we say them, though, we all know what we mean. I’ll finish this with a couple for you to laugh at. 🙂

Blivets = canned biscuits

Jenny’s Rule = as a general rule

Thick-nin’ Thin = gravy

Cremmis = Ice cream

…Start laughing! I’ll share some more another time. Do y’all have funny sayings? 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this rambling bunch of nonsense!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS


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  1. my dad used to make up words for “humphtawallipus”…a horrible creature that annoys children who are trying to behave themselves….it inevitably will tickle or poke the children until they act like “heathens” ….yea. Dad was slightly nuts sometimes. 😀

    • Considering cap sounds better, I think. That’s cool you have a lot of family words, and you all know what they mean. Here’s one R made up the other day, and I was like, huh? Then I got it. It was ‘feline fish’. We were having ‘cat’ fish for supper. 🙂

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