1,001 HORSE NAMES – or NOT?


1,001 HORSE NAMES – or NOT?

Here I go with a big mistake…a story I’ve told many times over the years, and now I find I got it all wrong! I found evidence of the mistake just today.

The following story is my ‘presumed/remembered’ way it all happened. I even blogged about it on my other blog, on April 9, 2014. It was another entry for the A to Z Blog Challenge. Here’s what is wrong with this…I always just ‘knew’ I’d written down 1,001 Horse Names. However, looking in my scrapbook today for the actual papers, so I could take a photo, I found out I was wrong. It was only 1,000 names.Β  I also stated that Candy Spots was the first name. It wasn’t…not even close…it was 437! haha – I was shocked! Not a big deal, but still funny how my memory was off like that.

The photo says I did all these names in the summer of 1962, so I would have been eleven years old. I do remember diligently sticking with it all summer long. It was fun. πŸ™‚

Here is the photo: Plus a couple of other drawings I did back then. Did I say I was obsessed with horses? πŸ™‚

**Oh, wow…just noticed number 417 was Ghost! πŸ™‚


Click photos to enlarge…


Here’s the story:

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I’ve always loved horses. One summer, when I was ten years old, I believe, I started a big project. My grand idea was to make a list of 1,001 names of horses. I settled on that number, because the movie “101 Dalmations” was popular at the time, and I figured, why not go bigger than 101…I’d do 1,001!

All that summer, I worked on the list…name, after name, after name. Some names I’d just make up, some were of real race horses. My grandad liked to go to the horse races at Ruidoso Downs, in New Mexico. When he got back, he’d give me the racing form from his trip to the racetrack. I’d study all the particulars about the horses, and pick out the names I liked, to add to my list.

The very first horse name I wrote was “Candy Spots”, which was the name of a real race horse. I’d also draw pictures of horses to go with the list, since I loved to draw.

I actually still have that list, and I did make it all the way to 1,001! That was such a fun summer.


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