Well, here I am again with the continuing list of jobs I’ve had in the past.

This one was at a laundry service company called “National Linen Service”. It was here in town, and was in the 70s.

My job was in the office, processing invoices, using a calculator to add up totals, things like that. In the back was where they did the massive amounts of laundry, both private, and commercial. There were huge machines that washed, dried, and ironed all kinds of linens, like sheets. Well, I can’t remember what all they did, but I would think hospitals, hotels/motels, restaurants, and all would send in their dirty laundry to be done. I didn’t go back there often.

I worked there awhile, and kept getting into trouble. It wasn’t my fault, I promise! Week after week, when the totals on the invoices would not balance, or come out right, I’d get blamed. Finally, they had the calculator (it was a huge one, not a small hand-held one) checked out. Turns out something was askew in the innards of the thing, so it wouldn’t add/subtract right at all. So, they got it fixed or got another machine, I don’t remember. What I do remember is I got no apology, whatsoever, about it.

I never did get fired from this job, but I did just up and quit. Well, I never told them I was quitting, either. I just never showed up again. In fact, my husband, another couple, and I all went down to Juarez Mexico for a vacation. We had a wonderful time. When we got back, I think I got a letter or phone call, not sure which, from the company asking for their key back. I think it was a key to the desk drawer? After awhile, I finally took it back, but I made them wait for it. Still no thank you or apologies. Oh well…

The only other thing I remember about this job was that it was around Easter time, and everyone at work was eating chocolate candy rabbits. I ate so many of them I never wanted to eat one ever again!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. Bosses should learn that what is remembered from a job is whether you were treated fairly or unfairly, and usually the treated unfairly memories are the strongest. People aren’t the only ones getting references and reviews for jobs!

  2. How rude of them not to apologize, especially after acting like you were doing something wrong. I don’t think that I’d like working at a laundry. All the ones I’ve ever been in were very loud and hot. I don’t like hot environments (says the gal in Gulf Coast Texas!).
    Have a blessed day!

  3. One of my first jobs was icing cookies, and I do believe that’s why I no longer care for icing! 🙂

    That’s a bad deal at the laundry place — I’m glad you left. Hope you enjoyed that vacation extra special, too!

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