The word epitaph comes from the Greek, meaning a short text, phrase, or poem, engraved into the gravestone of a deceased person.

It can be a Biblical scripture, a phrase, a reference to the person’s interests, or just about anything you can imagine. One of the most popular inscriptions is “Rest In Peace”. “In Loving Memory” is another one. They can be somber and serious, or uplifting and humorous.

Lots of people have their’s added, after death, by their loved ones. However, some people write their own, their wishes carried out later. Not all headstones have them…only the person’s name, birth and death date. Others mention how they are related to others in their family, such as father, mother, son, daughter of…

Many times, there are hearts, crosses, flowers, or angels, carved into the granite headstone. Some inscriptions refer to the person’s interests and hobbies, such as “Gone Fishin'” or “Gardening in Heaven”. One famous person’s epitaph is simply, “That’s All Folks”, from Mel Blanc, who voiced many cartoons.

Have you ever tried writing one for yourself? I have, and it’s fun, but a bit weird…and trying to say just the right words, your final words to the world, is not as easy as it would seem to be.

In a way, you’ve probably already had some practice doing this…your Twitter profile statement! It is short, and it says something you want people to know about you. Take a look at yours…what does it say? Would you like these words to be your final communication to the world?



You can find listings and records of epitaphs (famous and not so famous) here…


For the Daily Post prompt word – final …


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