I’ve heard the expression, ‘it’s in the cards’, before, but what does that even mean? Does it mean it is fate, luck, or a cosmic plan? I don’t know about all that, but it’s fun to think about.

I could go on speculating about these kind of deep subjects, but maybe another day. This time I have some other kinds of cards in mind.

I have a lot of cards. I never set out to have any kind of collection of them, but it sort of turned out that way. Over the years, I’ve saved most of my old library cards, and video rental cards. Every where we lived, different states, cities, towns, and countries, I’ve always found the library there. It’s always one of the first things to do, after getting settled in our new place. Some were large, some were small, some were on the Army/Naval/Air Force bases, some were on university campuses, and some were even book mobiles. It didn’t matter, as I can find books to check out any place.

The same goes for those video rental stores. I’d sign up for a card at all kinds of places, from the big name ones, to drugstores, furniture stores, grocery stores, and wherever they rented them. Big ones small ones, I didn’t care.

Anyway, I saved most of these cards. I don’t know what happened to many more…maybe we had to turn them in when we moved, or they got lost. So, I have cards. Here’s some photos of them I’ve put in a scrapbook. (excuse the marked out parts – you know how it is) 🙂

Did you have a lot of library or video cards?



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  1. I resent the heck out of all the cards! LOL Why I gotta carry everyone’s card? I’m in the store, I wanna save, but OMG, so sick of carrying and shuffling cards! I love how one of the stores began using an app. I carry nothing extra for that. 🙂


  2. I used to have a collection of business cards of all things. Like hundreds and hundreds of business cards. I don’t even know why I took them or why I saved them. I tossed them out about a year ago because I couldn’t even think of a reason why I needed to keep them other than to have them.


    • That’s pretty cool to have so many business cards, though. I’m sure lots of people collect them. There are some pretty interesting ones. I’ve never kept those, but thought I might one time, then just didn’t. Having collections of whatever is fun to find more! 🙂 What else do you collect? 🙂


      • Since I used to move around so much, I didn’t collect much of anything for long (though I had an impressive library at one time). I do have a small collection of old — 19th century and older — cookbooks, housekeeping manuals, etiquette books and grammars (sometimes all one book). I think they’re fascinating. It’s not worth anything but I like ’em.


      • Sounds like a wonderful collection of books! I do like all the older/antique type things, such as letters, cards, and scrapbooks. I have a lot of those. … I’ve been trying to find how to follow your blog. Hope we can keep in touch. 🙂


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