Stars speak of lonliness


A spark to ignite the night


Stars speak in constellations


Look up to find the answers


Stars echo in solidarity


Among the vast unknown


Stars will guide the way


You are not alone



For dVerse Poets – Quadrille 32

Quadrille #32

Prompt word – use the word ‘echo’ in your poem of only 44 words

Thanks for hosting the Q44, De! πŸ™‚


Photo found on Pixabay by dom1706


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

Β© 2017 BS



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    • Thank you, Morgaine! I feel a need to look up at the night sky and the stars. I was thinking how people were guided by the stars when sailing the seas.

    • I believe you are right. The stars and planets have been there for eons, all working together telling the story of the universe. Each and every soul will continue to shine on, in whatever form that may be, and I hope in solidarity and peace with others. So much to think about. …Glad you liked the picture! πŸ™‚

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