I guess you can tell, I like doing jigsaw puzzles. Here are the last few I’ve done. 🙂


This one was fun. I’d say it took a medium amount of time to finish it. (the Mister helped with this one, too). It was just called “Made in America”, and showed people picking apples.


This one is one of a series of illustrations from the Saturday Evening Post magazine. This one is called, “Leading Ladies”. I thought it had lots of interesting pieces, but found out it was so hard to put together, I couldn’t finish it. It was 1,000 pieces, and they were each and every one the same size and shape! Nope, couldn’t do it. The photo shows as far as I got before giving it a pass.


This puzzle was fun to do, as it had pictures of all kinds of board games. It was 1,000 pieces, too, but they were bigger, and all different shapes. That made it easier, so didn’t take as long to finish. It is called, “Games We Played.”


This is the one I’m working on now. It is the same brand as the one above, and is called, “Tasty Treats”, with pictues of snacks! 🙂 I’ve just barely started it, so far.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • Ahh, thanks, Elsie! They are fun to do. I’m having fun, but still complaining to myself the whole while…saying, nothing fits, where is that one piece, this one is too hard, etc…haha…sometimes I’ll step away for awhile, then when I come back to it, I’ll find several more pieces to place. 🙂 Glad to hear you like them also!

    • I did them for awhile, then stopped, because the cats were too rambunctious and kept messing them up! They are not so energetic about it now, though. I think the 500 or 750 is just about my speed, as the 1,000 pieces are pretty hard, and takes a long time! The nicer puzzles are getting so expensive to buy new. I find mine at yard sales, or a neighbor passes them on to us, and I did find some pretty good ones at the dollar store. 🙂

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