51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 17: Olivia Newton-John – Physical


Thanks, Hugh, for hosting this fun challenge! 🙂


After a successful month of posting music videos for the April A to Z Challenge, I will continue with this weekly music challenge.

I was a bit lost this morning, as to finding a song to post about. Was I burnt out from a month of music…or were you? Well, no, there’s always more great songs to find. 🙂

This one, “Midnight in the Desert”, written and sung by Crystal Gayle, is just a beautiful song. I like everything about it. I first heard it on the radio program, “Coast to Coast”, Art Bell’s midnight show about all thing mysterious. I’ve listened to his talk program for many years, and it is everything I love to think about…UFOs, ghosts, conspiracy, and all things spooky/paranormal. The song was written for the show, and later the show was renamed, “Midnight in the Desert”. From what I could find out, this song was debuted in 2009, on the Goldenlane Records label.




Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. Sharing songs from the past, what a neat idea. I visited Roswell, NM some time ago. Interesting place, especially if you have a bit of time to read a few letters from claimed witnesses. I say that because I don’t know what was true or added to make a buck. But it was still fun.

    • Roswell is a fascinating place, at least the UFO museum and festival. I’ve been there for that, and actually my aunt & uncle used to live there, and we’d visit them sometimes. …the challenge of songs from the past is still going on for awhile, so if you want, you can join in. Just click the link above to find out the details! It’s fun. 🙂

      • Wonderful! … Yes, my uncle was a sheriff in Roswell when the original UFO crash happened. He said they were instructed to never speak of it. Of course that was all before I was even born, so who knows …I do believe there are ‘others’ out there, and even here living amongst us. Well, it’s all so interesting to think about.

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