Color Your World – Black



Today is the final day of “Color Your World 2017”. I have had fun finding photos for you to see. Thanks so much for stopping by over the past 3 months. We’ll do it again next January! 🙂




Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS

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  1. Congrats to you, too, for completing the challenge with some great photos–lots of them. If I recall correctly, you are the one who introduced me to this challenge last year. I’ll see you around the photo and poetry blogs!


    • Thanks, Victoria! I think I did let you know about the challenge last year. I’m glad you were back this year, too! I Your photos were outstanding, and I enjoyed seeing them. We’ll keep in touch on FB and looking forward to more poetry, too! 🙂


    • Thanks! The vase we bought while we were in Japan. I have a few more. The Zombie brew bottle, I made. Well, not the glass bottle, I got that from the craft store, but I painted it and added the decorations. Black is my favorite color, too. 🙂

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      • I thought it looked Japanese. My aunt had one similar that her husband got her while he was in the Navy.
        I think you did a great job decorating that bottle. I know at least one of my daughters would think it is super cool. She plays a zombie up in The City each Halloween at the university. 🙂

        Black is a beautiful color and goes with everything, well, except other black. haha

        Have a blessed evening. 🙂


      • Thanks. the bottle was fun to do, and easy. I made all different kinds for Halloween that year. … Isn’t it funny that black is hard to match up? You’d think they would all be the same, such as a black top, and black pants, but they look weird put next to each other! 🙂


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