I’m continuing with my random posts about the jobs I’ve had in the past.

These three jobs I had were in about the same time period, in the mid 1970s. It was after we came back from Germany, and before we had any kids.


One fun job I had was at Sears Department Store. I think this may have been in Paris, TX. I got to dress the mannequins for display on the sales floor. I could pick out what clothes to use, but had to be mindful of what was being featured and advertised at the time. It was always changing from week to week. I wasn’t there for very long, because we moved to another city.


This next one was I believe in Greenville, TX. It was at the S & H Green Stamps Redemption Center. Do you remember those savings stamps? You’d be given a certain amount of them at the grocery store, according to how much money you had spent. The stamps in this case were green. You’d take them home to paste into a savings book, which were given out at the store, also. Later, when you saved a bunch, you could take the booklets to the redemption center to trade them in for cool items. They had a catalog, too, that you could look through, and decide if you had enough stamps for what you wanted.

I worked at the redemption center store, where all the merchandise was kept. There was a counter, a showroom, and a warehouse part. I worked at the counter, and count we did. A lot of that, as we had to flip through each booklet a person brought in, to make sure they had filled it out completely, and if they had enough to purchase the item they’d chosen. It was a fun job, and the people I worked with were fun. One funny thing was I learned what a ‘finger cot’ was. Strange name, but a very useful item. It was a little rubber thing to put on your thumb or finger, to make turning those booklet pages faster. You could get a good grip on the pages. πŸ™‚


This next job was at a Tupperware distributor place. It was here in this town. I worked in the office, processing invoices/orders, that the Tupperware dealers would submit. Each Monday, if I remember, all the dealers in our district would come in for a sort of get-together/pep-rally thing. They’d have their meeting, refreshments, and also turn in their orders, and pick up orders from the last week. I used the calculator a lot, and also did typing. and filing. I got to type up the mimeographed templates, for the newsletter, and then go run them all off on the mimeograph machine. We didn’t at that time have a copy machine. It was old school, I guess you’d say. It was messy work with the inks and all, but I liked doing it. Later, I’d address all the envelopes with the adressograph machine. I worked at this place for quite a while, then was let go. They ‘said’ it was because they were going more automatic in the office, or something, but I know why. I was pregnant. Pretty sure that wouldn’t happen in this day and age!


Stay tuned for more random posts about the many jobs I’ve had in the past. πŸ™‚


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • You know, I don’t think I bought a single piece while I worked there. Wish I had. For awhile I think I saw them sold at Target. I liked the parties ok, but they do expect you to buy something! πŸ™‚

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