Here are the fill-ins:

1. An Easter (or Passover) tradition I have is ______________.

When we were kids, we always had a new outfit to wear to church. Sometimes we even got a little hat. We’d get together with family for lunch, and then with our cousins, we’d have the Easter Egg Hunt out in the yard.


2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is _____________.

My favorite ice cream flavor is plain vanilla, or sweet cream. I like other kinds, too. I really like frozen yogurt a lot, especially banana flavor, or just the original sweet/tart one. I like toppings on the Fro-yo, but not on ice cream.


3. One of my favorite Easter/Passover memories is _____________________.

Not my favorite memory, but it’s funny now, was when I was a kid. Well, an older kid. We had the usual egg hunt with the cousins, but it was decided the ‘younger’ kids would get to go hunt ahead of the ‘older’ kids. I threw a fit, as I thought it was so unfair, that the little kids would get all the eggs. I was crying, all red faced, and ugly, and wouldn’t you know it…my dad was taking home movies of the day. Yep, that occasion is forever captured on home movie film to this day…me still blubbering, and in my cute Easter outfit, as we ‘older’ kids were finally let out to find the eggs. haha!


4. My favorite Spring flower is _____________________.

My favorite flower of spring is the Iris.


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  1. Nice 🙂
    On my mother’s side, we had egg hunts, and there were three of us girls — 3 years between me and my one cousin and then three years between her and her sister. We always had to give eggs to “the baby” because we found more. 😛

    • That’s the way it is. Seems fair enough now, but back then I didn’t think so! 🙂 … (for some reason I found your comment in spam…glad I found it now! )

  2. Funny memory…kids will be kids! I remember the Easter parade of fashion at church every year. Wow. I agree with you about frozen yogurt, especially banana! Yum! We have Giant Iris along our 6 ft. cedar fence. They are yellow and lavender. Big, hardy flowers! Happy Easter!

    • Yeah, kids and their big dramas…seems so silly that I got so upset over the whole thing, looking back at it, now. …I’ll bet your irises are so pretty! My mom used to grow them, and I’ll not forget their wonderful smell. Wishing you a happy Easter, also!

  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I enjoyed your Easter story, that is too funny that your Dad caught it on video. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

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