Today for the A to Z Blog Challenge we have the letter C.



Kansas released their single, “Carry on Wayward Son”, in 1976, on the album, “Leftoverture”. It was on the Kirshner label, and written by Kerry Lingren.



“Crazy on You”, released by Heart in 1976 as a single from the album, “Dreamboat Annie”, was written by Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. It was on the Mushroom label.


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  1. Uncanny!!! I heard both of these songs on the way to work today! I hafta say, though, I’m not much a fan of Heart. In fact, my affection for Heart is the mere beginning of Crazy on You. Like, just that first minute. Then stop. LOL I’ll sit in my car to hear that guitar acoustic intro, but then that’s it.
    I wanna love them, cause girl power, but they are not my jam.

    • Oh that is uncanny! Both of them and I just thought of them right before I put them on here! The Kansas song is one of my all time favorites, and I do like most all of Heart’s songs. That’s funny, I could do without the guitar intro, just get to the jammin’ part! 🙂

      • haha yes we are! Hey, what time were you hearing these this morning? I posted this it says at 10:16, and I’d just thought of them a little before that, then had to type it up and get the songs on here. Maybe I channeled you listening to them? I’ve always been a bit psychic, so you never know. 🙂

  2. I love Crazy on You! I’d probably like Carry On Wayward Son a bit more if it weren’t so overplayed on the radio (And the band didn’t inexplicably leave the word “My” out of the title!)

    • I hear it quite often on the radio, even now. So far I haven’t gotten tired of it. I don’t know why they left out ‘my’ in the title, either, when they do sing ‘my’ in the actual song! It’s a mystery! 🙂

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