Awhile back I posted a photo of a jigsaw puzzle I completed. Since then I’ve finished three more. They are fun to do, but takes several days for me to work them. Here’s the latest ones:

Sugar Skull

This one took the longest – it was pretty difficult! There is a piece missing. It was a brand new puzzle, though, so I may have just lost the piece somewhere.

Furry Friends

This one was easier, but had some trouble spots, mostly the shaggy dog parts, and even the cat! I liked the picture of cute animals.


This last one I finished today. It says it’s a Kodak Decades puzzle depicting the 40s.

It was fairly easy, as it had a lot of things to identify on there, like the written letter.

I’ll be starting a new one later today! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS



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      • I think they are cool and creepy. We have one named Hamlet that lives in our room. He belongs to Laynie, but she lets him “live” here with us. David uses him in some of his videos. 🙂
        I hope that you have a blessed Sunday, too, and a great night. 🙂

      • Hamlet is a good name for a skull! 🙂 Do you do Pinterest? I have a whole board for skulls. I used to do that a lot, but then got paranoid about it, thinking/and reading of how people got sued for using their photos. I mean, I hope I didn’t do something wrong, but isn’t that what it’s for…to post photos you find? I dunno anymore, so I haven’t been on there in a long time.

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