Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters G or H


This is a photo of the Tower of the Americas. We went to the World’s Fair in San Antonio, in 1968…called HemisFair. I took this photo with my Swinger camera. It was fun to use, as it developed the picture right then, as you pulled it out of the camera.

Golf Clubs


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  1. Awesome pictures. Love B&Ws. I went to San Antonio around that same time!! I can’t remember the exact date. Will look when I get home. It was just me and my Grandma. She was looking for a place to live as she had accepted a teaching job there. We went up in the tower during our visit. I was in awe. Never experienced anything like it before! I would not walk on the “glass floor.” Too scared. I remember almost crying when my Grandma did it, freaked me out! That and our drive to San Antonio are great memories, thank you for taking me back there in my mind. My grandma meant the world to me. Still talk to her!!!

    • haha we just kept on crossing paths all those years ago, Kelly! I’m not sure of the date we went to the HemisFair, but it was so hot, I remember almost fainting while waiting in line for some ride or other. We didn’t go up in the tower, though. I imagine it would be scary! We also went to the SA zoo, and then over to see the LBJ ranch house (can’t remember where that was). It was a fun trip. Glad you got to go with your grandma! 🙂

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