Today is the 3rd day of the Music Challenge.

I’m combining this challenge with the 51 Weeks/51 Songs From the Past.

Thanks Suze, and Hugh!


I was happy to be nominated/tagged for the 5 Day Music Challenge recently. I do like all kinds of music, so this should be fun.

Thanks you, Suze, for the chance to participate.

Here’s a link to her blog, “Obsolete Childhood”. Do go give her a visit, as her blog is entertaining, and she speaks her mind on lots of topics. 🙂


 The rules

    Post a different song quote for five consecutive days.

   Post what the song quote means to you (optional).

   Post the song that the quote is from.

    Nominate two different bloggers every day of the challenge.


If you’d like to play along by taking part in this fun challenge, feel free to do so.


51 Weeks/51 SONGS FROM the PAST

51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 13: The Superman Lovers – Starlight


The song quote:

I’m gonna wake up in your arms tomorrow
You gonna make it the night of my life
I’m gonna wake up in your arms tomorrow
Thank you for takin’ me to paradise tonight.


The song is called, “Paradise Tonight”, and is sung by Charlie McClain and Mickey Gilley. It was written by Bill Kenner and Mark Wright, released in 1983, on the Epic label. The album was called, “Paradise”.

I really like this song because it has good music and lyrics. I remember it most from hearing it on the radio, and also from playing it on our record player. It was the summer we lived in Sinton TX, and were very close to the TX coast, by Corpus Christi. There was a hurricane coming, and I remember some preparations were being made around town, just in case it came our way. Turned out it didn’t get as close as we’d thought. This was a major hurricane named “Alicia”, and it came ashore at Galveston TX.

For some reason, along with watching TV hurricane coverage, we were playing this song over and over that day.

Here’s the actual 45 record we almost wore out, playing it so many times during the hurricane warnings. 🙂




Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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